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What a Sedevacantist Does Best!

Posted by Efrain Cortes on November 22, 2009 at 4:21 PM

Fellow Catholics, what follows is a posting by Sedevacantist, Steven Speray. In it, Speray does what Sedevacantists do best – malign and besmirch!

In this case, the maligned and besmirched happens to be yours truly. Not to worry, I have been blessed with very thick skin. At the end of Speray's irresponsible diatribe, I will proceed to lay out the facts. Which is what Speray should have done before jumping to conclusions.

Yet again, Speray is simply doing what a sedevacantist does best.

Now, let's give Speray the floor:

Days after I wrote a rebuttal to his article that states that Catholics can reject 3 Catholic Councils, I was arded with comments in support of Cortes.

First, Cortes wrote in a comment in attempt to refute me. After I had thoroughly debunked his anti-Catholic attempt, comments came in from a Debbie Samuals, John Dern, Martin Sabel, Andrew Webb, Miguel Cintron, Charlie White, Mike Lewis, and Dave Peterson, supporting Cortes as a champion of orthodoxy and honesty.

However, this group of Cortes supporters is none other than Cortes himself masquerading as eight different personalities.

How do I know?

Computers leave an identification number that can be traced. Service providers such as the ones that Cortes uses assign specific, long term IP addresses to each individual computer.

Four of the comments came from the same computer that Efrain Cortes had first commented using his real name. The other four were also from the same computer. Cortes probably used his work computer since the times from the other four came in at the proper work hours.


In one of his comments from his fake name Mike Lewis, Cortes states, “cortes… is honest.”

In another comment under his fake name Charlie White, Cortes states, “Speray should give up this charade. Why does he feel like he has to respond to every single person that disagrees with him? Cortes is right on. Speray is really childish. can’t he take a little criticism? and by the way, cortes did not put me up to this. grow {up} speray!! “

Other funny comments from Cortes under his fake names include:

“You really are funny Speray. Cortes Rocks!!!”

“Speray just does not see this because he is blinded by Satan.You go Efrain!!!

“Cortes’ contradiction argument is awesomely logical.”

“Sorry Speray, you lose badly!”

The last three comments, I replied to him by hinting that I knew who it was by saying,




What does Cortes do?

He replies back under another fake name John Dern and states:

“You lost the argument fair and square. Get over it Speray and move along. Why does it surprise you cortes has so many supporters? I’ve known Cortes through his website Against All heresies for years. I also have seen his e-mail debates with you and the Haltom fellow.”

“Cortes is light years ahead of you. Not only as it pertains to apologetics but in class and humility.”

How sad it is that Mr. Cortes would go to such great lengths to win an argument.

Perhaps, the line that goes, “He believes the truth is so important, he’s willing to lie about it” applies in this case.

The fact is Mr. Cortes is through. He will never be credible again (not that he ever was.)

Mr. Efrain Cortes is a complete fraud and now the world knows the truth about him.

Recent blog comments:

Efrain Cortes (IP: ,

john dern (IP: ,

Charles white (IP: ,

mike lewis (IP: ,

Dave Peterson (IP: ,

debbie samuels (IP: ,

martin sable (IP: ,

Andrew webb (IP: ,

Miguel cintron (IP: ,

Fellow Catholics, a couple of days ago a friend of mine alerted me to this posting by Sedevacantist, Steven Speray. The initial reaction was laughter on my part. Then I began feeling sorry for Speray.

Speray truly believes he has proven something here. However, the only thing Speray has proven is what I have always known about Sedevacantists. That is:

Sedevacantists will jump at the first shred of what appears to be evidence and run with it, so long as they believe the so called “evidence” proves their point.

The problem with implementing such a tactic is that Sedevacantists always end up with egg on their face as a result of employing such a tactic - as will be the case in a few moments.

Now, there is one major flaw in Speray's rash assumption. That is, my “specific, long term IP address” is not, as Speray recklessly asserts. My IP address is 74,131.139.200.

As I am sure Speray is reading this at the moment, if he will go to his website where I visited a few minutes ago in order to copy and paste his poor attempt at investigative reporting, he will see my correct IP address in the stats section of his website.

Now, Speray is partially correct about one thing. That is, and are the IP addresses to a couple of computers at my place of work. So, does this mean Speray is correct, has the Sedevacantist caught me red handed?

Absolutely not!

You see fellow Catholics, I work at an apartment complex in Lexington KY. As I am sure many of you are well aware, apartment complexes offer many amenities in order to lure potential residents. One such amenity offered by the complex where I work is what is referred to as a, “computer center.”

This computer center offers three computers for the residents and are mainly used by college kids.

Now the original comment I posted on Speray's site was indeed posted on one of those computers. I posted it on a weekend on which I had to work. However, The other comments were not mine.

You see, the computer center is open to those who live at the complex. Many of these, as I have stated, are college kids (25% to be exact).

On the day I posted the comment, I did not log off of the computer since I was in a hurry (the computers are for residents, not maintenance staff).

This means anyone could have seen what I had just posted on Speray's site and decided to play games with Speray. Or, these are indeed people who supported my effort, as there are those at the complex who do.

It must further be kept in mind, that I have been running a website – operating it, editing it, writing it, since 2001. Speray is a fool to believe I am unfamiliar with IP addresses and the fact website providers, such as wordpress (Speray's provider), track IP adresses as part of their stats check. I have known this little detail for nearly a decade!

Therefore, I would not be so ignorant as to attempt what Speray has rashly accused me of.

What is one to expect, however, when dealing with those whose nature it is to make rash assumptions? For if Sedevacantists, such as Speray, are accustomed to launching unfounded accusations at the Vicar of Christ, it would surely not be any skin off their back to launch them at yours truly.

Yet this is what happens when a Sedevacantist loses an argument. He gets creative (for lack of a better word).

What Speray does not seem to understand is the minute he refers to the Vicar of Christ, whether he believes this to be true or not, as a “devil” - his, already weak argument, is lost.

Yet again, Speray has proven my point: Sedevacantists will grasp at anything that seems to confirm what they believe, even if they loose all credibility in the process.

Finally, Speray has also managed to prove he has no business whatsoever operating a public forum. For he is an amateur of the highest caliber, in my humble opinion.

Here is a tip for Speray from one who has been in the game for much longer than he:

Double, triple, quadruple check your story before going public with it.

God bless fellow Catholics.



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Reply Rex
10:24 PM on November 30, 2009 
Please - If you are one of the 8 people who used the computer in Cortes' apartment complex, and argued in his defense on Steve Speray's blog, you should go to Speray's blog and identify yourself. You'll save Cortes' reputation and there may even be a reward in it for you.
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