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By the Sting of the Whip!

By Efrain Cortes
"Jesus went up to Jerusalem. He found in the temple area those who sold oxen, sheep, and doves. As well as the money-changers seated there. He made a whip out of cords and drove them all out of the temple area with the sheep and oxen, and spilled the coins of the money-changers and overturned their tables."
(John 2:14. The Cleansing of the Temple of Jerusalem 32 A.D.):

("Diocese Live." Lexington Kentucky, present time, July 2006).

Leo Brown: ...Yesterday on the show, you heard that there was a special announcement in Joe Lerza's newscast regarding the up coming "Evening Among Friends" down in Richmond with Fr. Jim Sichko, and we are honored to be joined by Fr. Jim this afternoon via the telephone...

Leo Brown: Well, let's, ah, talk specifically. You've, ah, made the announcement now you're, you're getting the plans together and Howie Mandel is the guest. How did you choose Howie?

Fr. Sichko: ...It came through the suggestion and help of both Mr. Philbin and Mr. Cosby, and, ah, ah that whole concept of deal or no deal was very intriguing. Mr. Mandel is going to give, ah ten, up to ten thousand dollars away of his own earnings to someone in the audience that evening.

Leo Brown: Wow!

Fr. Sichko: There will be up to ten thousand dollars of cash somewhere around the area and they're going to win it that evening.

Fr. Sichko: I don't know how...

Leo Brown: But...

Fr. Sichko: But they will.

Leo: But done in the "Deal or no Deal" fashion.

Fr. Sichko: Possibly...I have to be honest with you, I have not met with the producers yet about that...Someone, some how will be selected and will win this amount.

Leo Brown: Wow! Very interesting.

Fr. Sichko: And, and the other interesting thing is that there will only be 500 tickets this year sold...And I think also, another thing...Mr. Mandel is Jewish and, and I think that it is a, ah, a great tool of, of bringing our two faiths together, ah, and, and finding some common ground there.

Leo Brown: You know, the thing that I ,ah remember most of, of Mandel's career was his early stand up routine. And, ah the thing that I recall, at least I, I don't remember him doing any sort of blue humor. And now, of course, he's doing the - I guess it's considered prime time family entertainment, the ah, "Deal or no Deal"...He is along the lines of the other entertainers you've had...

Fr. Sichko: And, and I'm also pleased to say, which is very interesting, is that over the last couple of days, other entertainers that I have contacted over the month, ah, have been calling back and saying, 'You know, just so you know, we would like to do something like this.' Like, George Lopez...

Leo Brown: Oh, wow!

Fr. Sichko: Leann Rimes, ah, ah Martina McBride...

Leo Brown: Wow, so you're starting to potentially bank some of these guys for...

Fr. Sichko: Exactly.

Leo Brown: For future years.

Al Albargast: Now is ah, Mandel retired, semi-retired or...

Leo: Oh, Goodness No!

Al Albargast: Oh, you'll have to forgive me because I'm of an older generation and the name probably doesn't mean that much to me.

Fr. Sichko: He's very much now on the hit TV show, "Deal or no Deal"...he does some touring...he is, off and on, on Mr. Philbin's show and also on Leno's show quite often.

Fr, Sichko: ...It will be interesting to see...he very much, as I understand, will talk about Richmond, about ah, the church itself, about St. Mark.

Leo Brown: That's terrific. Howie Mandel the ah, guest for Evening Among Friends 2007.

Fr. Sichko: I appreciate all your support.

Leo Brown: Oh, certainly.
("Diocese Live," WMJR 1380. Interview with Fr. Jim Sichko).

The money-changers are seated in the Temple! And as evidenced by Mr. Leo Brown's latest interview on "Diocese Live" with Fr. Jim Sichko, they are intent on selling us the ever scandalous "Evening Among Friends." And the prospect of sacrificing our moral principles in the process appears to be a welcomed opportunity.

For the past two years, Lexington's so-called "Catholic" media has devoted much ink and air time to neatly sweeping the truth underneath the Temple's carpet in order to sell you and I this most scandalous event. But at 'AGAINST ALL HERESIES' we strive to take up after Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

And this is why we prefer a thoroughly cleansed Temple where support for those who in one way or another advance the evils of abortion, homosexual marriage, embryonic stem cell research, and euthanasia are repudiated rather than celebrated.

Yes Fr. Sichko, we prefer a Temple where those who practice paganist acts are not falsely touted as ambassadors of our Catholic faith. We prefer a Temple where those who condone fornication between the youngest in our culture are not given center stage within it.

Yes Mr. Brown, We prefer a Temple where those who advocate the evil of contraception are delivered rather than revered. We prefer a Temple where alleged sexual predators are removed rather than shamelessly approved. And yes Bishop Gainer, we prefer a Temple where praise and adoration are reserved for the Almighty God and NOT the Almighty dollar!

But you know fellow Catholics, sometimes in order to attain that thoroughly cleansed Temple, there is no other alternative than to stand up and make a castigating whip! Sometimes, fellow Catholics, We have to let the money-changers know that we mean to conduct a different "type" of business within the Temple and overturn a few of their tables.

And so I ask you fellow Catholics, Where is your whip? Have you made it yet? Does it take the form of a letter to the editor? Or does it look more like a picket sign? Perhaps, it takes the form of a phone call to your local Catholic radio station? Or perhaps, it looks more like a complaint to the mother station, EWTN. Which brand of whip would better overturn a few tables for you fellow Catholics? Who knows.

But one thing I do know for certain is this: I've made my whip. And my whip, looks a lot like a website! And I assure you fellow Catholics, the money-changers comfortably seated at their posts, are about to feel its mighty sting!

Now let us begin our cleansing of the Temple by reiterating the one shred of truth that can be extracted from the above "Diocese Live" interview.

Mr. Howie Mandel, next year's Catholic-platform guest, is indeed "along the lines of the other entertainers" for whom Fr. Sichko has provided a Catholic Platform. For upon conducting a bit of research, 'AGAINST ALL HERESIES' has found that Mr. Mandel, not unlike Mr. Philbin and Mr. Cosby, has contributed handsomely through a political committee to the same type of politician, the good Bishop Gainer has asked "to forego the reception of communion" in our diocese because of their stance on such issues as abortion.

And not only that, but it appears that Mr. Mandel's political flavor may have had an adverse effect upon pro-life efforts in the Lexington diocese. But yet, on May 19 2007, it will be the same Mr. Mandel who will be provided a Catholic platform in the very diocese where those pro-life efforts may have been thwarted. But we'll let that one simmer a bit on the back burner and come back to it momentarily.

Now in 2004, according to, Mr. Howie Mandel contributed $5,000 "of his own earnings" to the DNC SERVICES CORPORATION/DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE. Donations received by this committee in 2004, according to, were in turn funneled to the campaigns of pro-death politicians James Robert Socas, Michael H. Michaud, and John F. Kerry.

And so now that we have been armed with the power of truth, allow us to take a closer look at the scandalous bill of goods the money-changers wish to sell to you and I.

According to, James Robert Socas is a supporter of "legalized abortion." Socas, according to,, considers a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman to be nothing more than a "cynical amendment." And those who seek to ban abortion or bar gay marriage, according to, are considered to be "extremists" by Mr. Socas.

And so you see, what the money-changers are not telling you and I is that Mr. Mandel's "own earnings" have been applied to the political advancement of unprincipled politicians such as this. Are we beginning to see the scandal-in-a-bottle we are being sold fellow Catholics? Well hold on, let us sharpen the picture a bit more.

The personal earnings of next year's "star attraction" may have also been applied to the campaign of Michael H. Michaud.

Now, Senator Michaud while touted as a pro-life politician by his political party, is in all actuality, nothing of the sort.

According to, from the years 2003-2004, Mr. Michaud supported the interests of NARAL Pro-choice America 36% of the time and 75% of the time in 2005. Additionally in 2005, according to, Senator Michaud voted YES on allowing human embryonic stem cell research and voted NO on restricting interstate transport of minors to get an abortion. It can also not escape mention that in 2004 Senator Michaud voted NO on making it a crime to harm a fetus during another crime.

And get this fellow Catholics, according to, Catholic world news, when 55 of the 72 Catholic Democrats in the House of Representatives, released a "statement of principles" asserting "primacy of conscience" over church teaching in 2005, Mr. Michaud was one of the 55 Representatives who signed the statement.

According to, Catholic World News, "The legislators [make] it clear (if not explicitly stated) that they will not attempt to end legal abortion." And while, according to, Mr. Michaud voted for legislation banning partial birth abortion in 2003, the particular piece of legislation carried an exception allowing the procedure's legal use when performed to "save" the mother's life. Thanks, perhaps in part to Mr. Mandel, Senator Michaud remains in office as we speak.

This now brings us to our “favorite” Catholic politician:

The bulk of donations amassed by this committee (this could very well include Mr. Mandel's $5,000 donation) in 2004 - $49,937,490 to be exact, went to the presidential campaign of Senator John F. Kerry. While an additional $4,570 went to Kerry's senatorial campaign.

Now this, is just too funny!! Is a little research just a little too troublesome for today's money-changers? Or do they even care is perhaps the more appropriate question.

Now let us refresh our memory as to the evil our "favorite" Catholic politician (whose campaign may have been funded by Mandel's "own earnings") supports.

According to, Senator John F. Kerry believes that a state has the right to decide on the legalization of euthanasia, Senator Kerry, according to,, also believes that "it is within the rights of a state to define marriage." Senator Kerry further stated to that he "is for gay unions."

Although John Kerry has publicly acknowledged that "life begins at conception," that particular bit of knowledge, according to, did not deter the "Catholic" Senator from voting to expand embryonic stem cell research in 2004, or from voting NO on making it a crime to harm a fetus during another crime. No, this knowledge did not deter Senator Kerry from voting NO on maintaining the ban on Military Base abortions in 2002. And yes, the candidate which next year's Catholic-platform guest may have funded with "his own earnings," was undeterred by this knowledge when voting NO on banning partial birth abortions in 1999.

And so now that some very important facts have been laid out for us fellow Catholics, it appears that "Evening Among Friends" has quite a disturbing way of bringing the Jewish and Catholic "faiths together," does it not?

Which brings us to what we have simmering on the back burner...looks ready to me...yes, good.

So in what way has Mr. Mandel's political flavor possibly thwarted pro-life efforts in the Lexington diocese?

Well you see fellow Catholics, there is another political campaign to which money was funneled through this committee in 2004 - $5,000 to be exact. That campaign was none other than Congressman Ben Chandler's campaign against Alice Forgy Kerr for the Kentucky seat, which Chandler, currently occupies.

Now, according to,, Alice Forgy Kerr had been a long time supporter of the Kentucky Right to Life association (an association to which many Lexington Catholics belong). In fact, according to, Forgy Kerr was endorsed by that organization in 2002. And in her campaign against Chandler, Alice Forgy Kerr was endorsed by the RNC/Life PAC, yet another pro-life organization, as a "solid pro-life and pro-family candidate." Many Lexington Catholics voted their conscience on that election day. In the end, however, Alice Forgy Kerr, obviously, lost the election.

Now since taking office, according to,, Congressman Chandler has supported the interests of NARAL Pro-choice America 40% of the time in 2005 and 35% of the time in 2004. From 1995-2004 on the votes that the National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association considered to be the most important, Chandler voted their preferred position 50% of the time. And in 2005, according to,, Congressman Chandler voted YES on allowing human embryonic stem cell research.

To his credit, Congressman Chandler has voted YES on making it a crime to harm a fetus during another crime, and he has also voted YES on restricting interstate transport of minors to get an abortion - but the law did carry some exceptions. In the end, however, it remains clear that Mr. Chandler is no "solid pro-life and pro-family" politician.

Now, could that $5,000 (possibly from Mr. Mandel's "own earnings") have made the difference in that race? Could it have paid for those extra pamphlets that swayed the election Mr. Chandler's way? Could it have paid for those final crucial phone calls, could it have paid for those vote-swaying-signs? We'll just never know fellow Catholics.

But what we do know, is that the same Mr. Mandel, who may have been responsible for thwarting our pro-life efforts in the Lexington diocese, has been provided a Catholic platform via "Evening Among Friends!" And our good Bishop Gainer, our Catholic radio station, and the diocesan newspaper appear to be 110% behind it! This just gets better every year...does it not?

Is this the event that Catholic "news man," Joe Lerza deems worthy of a special announcement? After all, was it not Joe Lerza who last Christmas (2005) reported on a story that called for a letter campaign against the makers of American Girl who, according to, Catholic News Service, intended to funnel its "net proceeds from its 'I can' bracelet project" to Girls Inc. "a nonprofit group that supports keeping abortion legal?"

Well enlighten us, what is the difference Mr. Lerza? In "Evening Among Friends" we have an event that offers a Catholic platform to individuals who directly or indirectly funnel their "own earnings" to politicians who, like Girls Inc., support keeping abortion legal!

And in this particular instance, It appears that this funneling of earnings could have directly affected this very diocese. But yet, you have failed to report so much as a syllable on that story Mr. Lerza. Instead you have shamelessly promoted the scandalous event for the past two years! Do we see the sheer hypocrisy fellow Catholics? Is this what so-called "Catholic" media is coming to in the Lexington diocese? Well they can keep it! For loyal Lexington Catholics do not want it!

And then we have the following astounding query by Mr. Al Albargast:

"Now is ah, Mandel retired, semi-retired or..."

You see fellow Catholics, Lexington's so-called "Catholic" media hasn't any idea, any clue as to what it is they are endorsing, promoting or bringing to the Lexington diocese. They are just along for the ever scandalous ride. And not only that, they want you and I to join them.

Now that a bright light has been shone upon the situation, however, they have NO excuse! And so the question now becomes, will Lexington's so-called "Catholic" media continue to support this most scandalous event in spite of these disturbing facts?

If the answer to this question turns out to be "yes," Then those of us Catholics who have stood out in the cold and in the rain praying before Lexington abortion mills, alongside folks like Mr. Leo Brown and other members of Lexington "Catholic" media, will know for sure that the Lexington pro-life movement has been sold out by these individuals!

Now, while this may be difficult or painful to read, or hear, or write fellow Catholics. It is a truth that cannot be ignored or swept underneath the Temple's carpet. For the pro-life stance cannot be compromised in any way, shape, or form by those who publicly espouse the Catholic religion. Is there truly any need for this website to have to point that out??

Now, on "Diocese Live" Mr. Leo brown goes on to state the following concerning next year's Catholic-platform guest:

"And, ah the thing that I recall, at least I, I don't remember him doing any sort of blue humor."

Here, we must give Mr. Brown the benefit of the doubt, since this may well be the case concerning Mr. Mandel. But allow us to take another look at Fr. Sichko's response to Mr. Brown's comment:

"...And I am also pleased to say...that over the last couple of days, other entertainers that I have contacted over the month, ah, have been calling back and saying, 'You know, just so you know, we would like to do something like this.' Like, George Lopez..."

So while it may be true that Mr. Mandel may not engage in what one may term as "blue humor," George Lopez, a potential Catholic-platform guest (according to Fr. Sichko), absolutely does! And not only that, but he, like Mandel, "is along the lines of the other entertainers [Fr. Sichko] has had." For you see, Mr. Lopez, according to, the Los Angeles Times, has campaigned for his good, pro-death friend Senator Richard Alarcon of the state of California.

Now, on the Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California Inc. legislative scorecard in 2003, Senator Alarcon was given a 100% rating by the pro-death organization.

And when, according to,, the legislative body of California became the first to approve a same-sex marriage bill in September of 2005, Alarcon, who voted to pass the bill, stated that he "absolutely believe[d] this [was] right." The Senator further stated:

"The last time I checked, a higher power created us. In the eyes of God, they are all human beings, all equal to him. Why are they not equal to us?"

And one year prior, during the California Mayoral Race, according to the, Los Angeles Times, "George Lopez and his wife Ann Lopez contributed $5,000 apiece" to the Senator Alarcon campaign. Now let us keep in mind fellow Catholics that Mr. George Lopez, as well as Senator Alarcon, are both "Catholic."

Leann Rimes, also mentioned by Fr. Sichko as a potential Catholic-platform guest, while not directly involved in the political scene is, however, involved in the gay scene. For according to,, and other entertainment sources, Mrs. Rimes has publicly stated, "I Love going to gay clubs." Now, Would she be considered an appropriate Catholic-platform guest by loyal Lexington Catholics? Is this what we have to look forward to via "Evening Among Friends?"

To be fair, Martina McBride who in the past has affiliated herself with conservative talk show host Sean Hannity's "Freedom Concert" might actually be Okay. However, I say this with cautious reservation, for she has also, in the past, affiliated herself (for a good cause) with Senator Joseph Biden, yet another rabid pro-abortion politician.

And so truthfully, in the end, Lexington's hierarchy and so-called "Catholic" media would perhaps do well to follow Pope Benedict The Brave's recent example, who according to European media, has done away with the traditional fund-raising Christmas Concert at the Vatican, established by his predecessor, because he "...wants to avoid scandal."

(emphasis added).

Once again, this website has uncovered the truth the money-changers do not want us to see underneath the Temple's carpet. They know, they understand that if Lexington Catholics caught wind of these scandalous facts, it would be all over for this cash-cow event. And the ugly truth is, that the money changers thoroughly ensconced behind their posts, unlike you and I, prefer a Temple where Praise and adoration are reserved for the Almighty Dollar and NOT the Almighty God! For it is written:

"No one can serve two masters. He will either hate one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other."

And so fellow Catholics, let us drive out the money-changers by the sting, of the whip!

God bless fellow Catholics.

Please pray without ceasing for those who have been mentioned here.

"And he said to his disciples: It is impossible that scandals should not come: but woe to him through whom they come. It were better for him, that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should scandalize one of these little ones."
(Duoay-Rheims Bible, Luke 17:1-2).

"The person who gives scandal becomes his neighbor’s tempter. He damages virtue and integrity; he may even draw his brother into spiritual death."
(Catechism of the Catholic Church, #2284).

"Scandal is grave when given by those who by nature or office are obliged to teach and educate others. Jesus reproaches the scribes and Pharisees on this account: he likens them to wolves in sheep's clothing."
(Catechism of the Catholic Church, #2285).

"Anyone who uses the power at his disposal in such a way that it leads others to do wrong becomes guilty of scandal and responsible for the evil he has directly or indirectly encouraged."
(Catechism of the Catholic Church, #2287).

"Scandal is a grave offense when by deed or omission it deliberately leads others to sin gravely."
(Catechism of the Catholic Church, #2326).


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