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Father Greg Shuler From Priest to Masseuse.

By Efrain Cortes

August 20, 2004

Dear friends, There are many requests we receive to give to good causes. You may be surprised by this request. As members of the faith community of Christ the King during the time Greg Shuler was our pastor, all of us received from him; whether it was through his words, leadership, development of our sense of community or his way of connecting us to a deeper and more meaningful relationship with our God. Whether it was a baptism, wedding, funeral, Christ renews his parish retreat, or a special homily that he gave, his ministry changed our faith lives. Many have shared the forgiveness family tapes with others, many shared the homily he gave after Sept. 11, many found connections to the mission talks that gave us a sense of what it really means to be church and who we are called to be. During the 25 years of ministering to the people of God, Greg Shuler shared his God-given gift to build God's kingdom, and we, the Church, received that gift. Now is the time we can give back to him and thank him for his 25 years of service. There has been no opportunity for us, as the Church, to thank him, to let him know that we appreciate his 25 years of ministry, to reach out to him and lift him up as he often did for others in their time of need. That is what this letter is about: an opportunity to thank Greg and give him a gift from those of us who received his gift of ministry. There have been no thanks, no good byes, no official church recognition of all he gave; in many ways he was simply made to disappear. We can change that. We can send Greg our heartfelt thanks and the dollars he needs to begin his new career.

Greg is now in the process of entering a new ministry. He has been attending medical massage therapy school and he will graduate this fall. After taking the medical boards he will become a medical massage therapist. This a healing, therapeutic procedure; his field work has been at an AIDS center. As a 52 year old man who gave 25+ years to our church, there has been no severance package, no money for the cost of the schooling, no money to help in getting reestablished. Most importantly, there has been no recognition of all the goodness of his years of ministry.

So, enclosed is an envelope and card. If you would like to be a part of thanking Greg and giving him a gift to his new start, simply return the card with a note to him (only to be read by Greg) and a check made to Greg Shuler. On Sept. 2 our "Box of Thanks" will be sent to him. If 100 of us can give at least $250.00 (or whatever amount you can give) we will be giving him a small amount for each year he served, yet enough of a "stake" to begin anew. Greg has not asked for this nor does he know about it. His 52nd birthday is Sept. 3; together we can give him a gift for his future!

If you have any questions, just call one of us. Also, if you know anyone else that you think would like to join in thanking Greg, please share this letter with them. Please be sure all responses are mailed by Aug. 30.

Peace and love to all of you,

Laura & Bob Babbage
Clare & Bill Farnau
Lindy Karns
Jim & Ginny Ramsey
Mary Cleaton
Tom & Mollie Jameson
Jack & Gladys Parmuck
Jerry & Nelle O'Daniel
Ernie & Mary Renaud
Walt & pat Gradeck
Carole & Allan Nahra
Mary Waugh
Sharon Williams

No need to worry fellow Catholics, 'AGAINST ALL HERESIES' has not gone off the deep end. This is simply a raw, hard look at the inner workings of the liberal mind. So if we are all back in our seats now, and we are sure that we can handle the liberal mind's latest escapade into its distorted version of Christianity, then let us begin:

It seems as if the audacity/ignorance (I am not sure which) of some knows absolutely no bounds whatsoever! What we have just read fellow Catholics, is a letter that the liberal minds of the Lexington diocese have had no qualms in composing and actually mailing out to its fellow parishioners of the Cathedral of Christ the King. Are these people serious?! Are they forgetting the many people that have been hurt, the many people that have been driven away, the many people who have left the Catholic Church precisely because of so called "priests" like Greg Shuler? Do they truly fail to see that there are those in their very parish of Christ the King, and indeed, the Lexington diocese, who even today, find themselves distraught by the actions of this man? And yet, here they are, unabashedly asking the very people who have been directly hurt by Greg Shuler to financially support the "good cause" of aiding him in becoming a masseuse - of all things? Do they fail to recollect that the reason why Greg Shuler was removed from the Lexington diocese, was precisely because he was, allegedly, unable to keep his hands off of women? And to complicate matters even further fellow Catholics, Greg Shuler, as far as it is known, has not been laicized and is therefore, still an ordained priest - making this scandalous situation all the worse for Shuler's soul.

But you see fellow Catholics, this is the danger of the liberal mind: the liberal mind does not concern itself with the victims but rather, the liberal mind concerns itself with the victimizer. The Liberal mind does not concern itself with safeguarding a man's soul from sin, because the liberal mind does not believe in sin. The liberal mind does not dare lay judgment upon the actions of another, because the liberal mind's skewed version of Christianity calls for nothing less than unmitigated forgiveness. This, in spite of the fact that the Lord Jesus Christ tells us in the scriptures to, "go and sin no more." You see, while it is unquestionably true that the good Lord forgives us, it is also unquestionably true that he does so only under the condition that we, "sin no more." But the liberal mind does not seem to see it this way, the liberal mind is not only content in letting sin go unjudged, but it actually appears to find some perverted sense of solace and satisfaction in aiding it along the way.

Fellow Catholics, it is only the liberal mind that could possibly dream of composing, and actually mailing, this incredible letter to people whose wounds are still tender, only the liberal mind would dare to ask financial assitance in the name of the advancement of sin, only the liberal mind could be so blind as to be unable to recognize the pain and the hurt that they have once again unleashed upon its fellow parishioners. Here it is for all to see fellow Catholics - the inner workings of the liberal mind. Now, while we may never be able to fully grasp the utter lunacy that is the driving force behind the liberal mind, We must examine it closely, for only in doing so will we obtain some inkling (however small it might be) of what the liberal mind is capable of! Perhaps, in examining the above letter we will come to see liberalism for what it truly is -a danger to the Catholic faith!

To begin with, the liberal mind behind this unscrupulous letter begins by stating:

"There are many requests we receive to give to good causes."

But then, in what appears to be a moment of fleeting sanity, the liberal mind admits in the very next line that:

"You may be surprised by this request."

You see fellow Catholics, deep down the liberal mind knows when something is not quite right, it knows that it should not do the wrong that it is presently doing, but the conscience of the liberal mind has been dulled, the liberal mind has been trained by agents such as "father" Greg Shuler, to disregard that "nagging" little voice. And so the liberal mind continues shamelessly onward:

"Whether it was a baptism, wedding, funeral, Christ renews his parish retreat, or a special homily that he gave, his ministry changed our faith lives."

But it seems that the liberal mind too readily forgets that according to a letter signed by the Christ the King pastoral staff and parish council, the reactions to the breaking news that "father" Greg Shuler had been removed for allegedly having an affair with a married female parishioner, and the additional revelation that he had fathered a child from a previous relationship, ranged from "shock to anger to distrust to confusion to abandonment." Indeed, Shuler's "ministry" has changed our faith lives. But even while these reactions had been acknowledged by the Christ the King parish council, Ginny Ramsey, one of the above signatories and a member of that very council, told the Louisville Courier Journal that she, "didn't see any point in dealing with specific allegations in the letter because it was intended to help people with their feelings." But how concerned with the feelings of others could one be when one appears to be much more interested in defending, sheltering and financially supporting the source of those feelings of "shock, anger, distrust, confusion, and abandonment?" This is the liberal mind at work fellow Catholics, never wanting to face reality.

But 'AGAINST ALL HERESIES' is not afraid of facing reality fellow Catholics. "Father" Greg Shuler has changed the faith lives of Christ the King and Lexington parishioners, but he has done so in ways that the liberal mind does not want to own up to, or attempt to comprehend. The liberal mind would much rather sweep Shuler's alleged sexual misconduct, and his undermining of Catholic doctrine under the rug and pretend it never happened. The liberal mind did not, and does not really want to deal with the "shock the anger the distrust the confusion or the abandonment," that Greg Shuler has left "the people of God" to wallow in. This is why the liberal mind, in spite of all the stark reality before their very eyes, can state the following without so much as flinching:

"During the 25 years of ministering to the people of God, Greg Shuler shared his God-given gift to build God's kingdom..."

But how exactly did "father" Greg Shuler build up God's kingdom (the Catholic Church)? By watering down its teaching and never once mentioning such sins as homosexuality, contraception, and of course, fornication or adultery from the pulpit? did he build up God's kingdom by celebrating Holy mass in a tuxedo, to the shock of even the staunchest Shuler supporters? Is this the liberal mind's idea of building God's kingdom? Amazing, is it not? The liberal mind cannot bring itself to even contemplate the possibility that Shuler's 25+ years in ministry were perhaps nothing more than a big lie!

But the insanity of the liberal mind does not stop there. The liberal mind proceeds to dig an even deeper hole for itself when it proclaims:

"There have been no thanks, no good byes, no official church recognition of all he gave..."

Do you see the inner workings of the liberal mind fellow Catholics? Do you see how the liberal mind conveniently forgets the women who have been manipulated and victimized in all of this? Do you see how the liberal mind - the self appointed champion and defender of women and their rights, is in all actuality quite selective in the women that it chooses to support and "lift up?" The liberal mind cannot fathom the shame and ridicule that an official church recognition of "father" Greg Shuler would bring upon the Lexington diocese after it had allegedly (under the former bishop Williams) covered up Shuler's alleged sexual misconduct. The liberal mind never, for one moment, stops to think how those who have been victims of sexual abuse in the Lexington diocese would view such a move? As a slap in the face that's how! But the liberal mind appears more concerned with its "lamentation" that "thank yous" and "good byes" have gone unoffered. The liberal mind does not, for one moment, stop to think about the apology that has gone unoffered on the part of "father" Greg Shuler to the parishioners of Christ the King and the Lexington diocese! Is the liberal mind unconcerned with that? It certainly seems that way does it not fellow Catholics?

The liberal mind fellow Catholics, is a terrible thing to put to use. The liberal mind views "father" Shuler's new found career as a "ministry" and a "healing therapeutic procedure..." Instead of viewing it as what it is, a new opportunity for Shuler to get his hands on women! Does it really take a rocket scientist to see that Shuler has a problem with sex? But yet the liberal mind is quite content in not only supporting the man, and encouraging him to continue in sin, but as if all of this were not enough, they also wish to support him monetarily - and they want us to join them!?

But this is nothing new fellow Catholics, let us remember that this is the same liberal mind who instead of helping practicing homosexuals to overcome their sinful desire, and free them from the chains of their sin, it would much rather let them continue in their sinful state and help them organize such groups as "Dignity USA," a group who advocates the practice of homosexual behavior within the Church and within the clergy (and we've seen first hand what that has done for the Catholic Church). This is the same liberal mind that is the driving force behind other dissident groups such as Call to Action, Futurechurch, and Catholics for a Free Choice. This is the same liberal mind that claims to be all tolerant and all forgiving, until a website comes along and exposes them for who they really are. Do not allow yourselves to be fooled by the liberal mind's veil of compassion and forgiveness, in reality (whether the liberal mind knows it or not) the liberal mind is intolerant, and unforgiving, and the only ones to whom the liberal mind's "compassion" is extended, is to those who would adopt those same distorted doctrines invented by it! Those who would dare stand in opposition to the liberal mind on the other hand, are ridiculed, harassed, threatened, dismissed as trouble makers, and made to look as "unchristian."

But yet, it is that same liberal mind who instead of worrying for Shuler's soul and asking the faithful to pray and fast for him, bemoans the "tragedy" that the Lexington diocese has given no money for Shuler's newly found strategy for how to get his hands on women. These are the scary inner workings of the liberal mind fellow Catholics, this is what the liberal mind is capable of. But there is an antidote for the infection that is the liberal mind. And that antidote is PRAYER. That is why I ask you to go out and invest your money in father Shuler's good cause! Yes fellow Catholics, let us do as a friend of mine has already done, let us go to our local parishes and invest whatever we can in masses to be said for father Shuler. This is what the man needs from us, he needs TRUE Christian compassion, not the distorted, whip cream, feel-good compassion of the liberal mind. That kind of compassion can be hazardous to the soul. That kind of compassion has been fabricated deep within the darkest recesses of the liberal mind, that kind of compassion seems to put the ministry of the sacred priesthood on the same level as the "ministry" of the massaging of women's bodies! That kind of compassion is the reason why the liberal mind sees nothing wrong with father Shuler going from priest to masseuse!

God bless fellow Catholics, and let us lift up our prayers for father Greg Shuler.