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No special effects: A straight shot of Catholicism

God Service or Lip Service?

By Efrain Cortes

"The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions."

(United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Catholics in Political Life, 2004. Emphasis added)

According to Patrick Reilly, president of the Cardinal Newman Society, and co-author of a five year study investigating Catholic Schools who welcome high-profile persons who publicly oppose the teaching of the Catholic Church, the above statement by the USCCB "is far reaching" in that it does not only apply to pro-abortion Catholic politicians but to anyone who acts "in defiance of our fundamental moral principles."

It must further be noted that the above USCCB statement is not directed solely at Catholic institutions but to the Catholic community as a whole. Also, the statement does not simply refer to a defiance of the church's fundamental teaching on abortion, but to all of our fundamental moral principles.

Now, when last we spoke fellow Catholics we learned how Regis Philbin, keynote speaker for the first annual fundraiser "An Evening Among Friends," had made a $1,000 contribution to the 2000 presidential campaign of partial birth abortion supporter, Bill Bradley. It was also revealed to us that Mr. Philbin, as host of the game show, "Who Wants to be a Millionaire," broke new ground on television by advancing the homosexual agenda. We also learned that Mr. Philbin has had a 36 year involvement with the practice of astrology. A practice that is clearly condemned by holy scripture and the teaching of the Catholic Church.

But interestingly enough, just weeks prior to the event, in an interview on WMJR 1380, Mr. Philbin had been touted as a "practicing Roman Catholic" by the events developer, Father James Sichko. In the interview, the WMJR listening audience was assured by Father James Sichko that Mr Philbin, "very much believe[d] in his faith," and that Mr. Philbin was "rooted in his faith." In fact, Father James Sichko made it a point to relate to the listening audience, "when I was looking for a guest to come down, I really wanted someone who was going to believe in the mission of our Roman Catholic Church, not only in our diocese but at St. Mark. That was an important factor."

But in light of what we now know fellow Catholics the question must be asked, precisely what level of importance did this "important factor" play in all of this? And what exactly does Father James Sichko perceive the mission of our diocese and St. Mark parish to be? Is the mission of our diocese and that of St. Mark to lend our financial support to radical, pro-abortion politicians? Is it to advance the acceptance of homosexual activity? Or is it for us as loyal Catholics to immerse ourselves in a practice that has long been condemned by both scripture and the teaching of the Catholic Church? I ask you, is this our mission fellow Catholics?

In truth, it seems quite apparent to loyal Catholics in the Lexington diocese that the "important factor" of the "An Evening Among Friends" fundraiser is not the "mission of our diocese" or that of St. Mark parish, it is not the safeguarding of our fundamental moral principles, or even the presentation of someone who is "rooted in his [Catholic] faith." Rather, the "important factor" of the "An Evening Among Friends" fundraiser is nothing more than raising cold, hard cash - even if at the cost of our fundamental moral principles!

According to a report by Joe Lerza in the August 7, 2005 issue of the Crossroads (the diocesan newspaper), "Father James Sichko [AFTER the revelations concerning Mr. Philbin had been made]...announced July 6 that St. Marks made a net profit of just over $100,000 on May 20 at their first annual An Evening Among Friends event." But what has shamelessly gone unmentioned by Father James Sichko, or the Crossroads is the fact that in the process of making that "net profit," the teaching of our Bishops has been thoroughly disregarded and our fundamental moral principles have unquestionably been defied as a result. We've come a long way from the old thirty pieces of silver days, have we not fellow Catholics?

But instead of the apology that is owed in light of the circumstances, what we got not long after this assault on our Catholic faith from Father James Sichko, was the following laughable, and hypocritical statements. At "Theology on Tap," on August 8, 2005, Father James Sichko declared to an audience of young Catholics:

"You have to continue to be in line with the magisterium...Our faith is not a cafeteria faith...We are called to uphold the teaching of the Catholic Church."

Father James Sichko made these statements in light of the Regis Philbin fiasco, and in spite of the fact that he plans to go full steam ahead with "An Evening Among Friends II." Yes fellow Catholics, On April 30 2006, Father James Sichko, in an effort to raise some more of that cold, hard cash, will host actor/comedian Bill Cosby at St. Mark parish. And he will do so in spite of the fact that 'AGAINST ALL HERESIES' has revealed Mr. Cosby's long time affiliation with the NAACP. An organization who, according to Repent America has recently, "...allowed homosexual activists to have a visible presence at [their] annual convention through a newly formed coalition, The National Black Justice Coalition." And according to, Repent America's president, Michael Marcavage, the NAACP, " quickly becoming a front for evil." Marcavage further states, "the NAACP regularly provides [its] platform to pro-abortion speakers and activists, and supports candidates that are outspoken abortion rights advocates."

And as evidenced by Mr. Cosby's extensive political contributions record, Mr. Cosby would have no objections whatsoever to the NAACP's brand of political candidate. For as it has also been revealed, Mr. Cosby is responsible for financially contributing to the campaigns of some of the most extreme pro-abortion politicians in this country! Some of these politicians include, the "Reverend" Jesse Jackson who, according to On the Issues, has voted NO on everyone of the following pro-life bills:

"Making it a crime to harm a fetus during another crime." (Feb. 2004).

"Banning partial-birth abortion except to save a mother's life." (Oct. 2003).

"Funding for health providers who don't provide abortion info." (Sep. 2002).

"Making it a federal crime to harm a fetus while committing other crimes." (Apr. 2001).

"Banning partial-birth abortions." (Apr. 2000).

"Barring transporting minors to get an abortion." (Jun. 1999)

In addition, Mr. Cosby has also contributed financially to the campaigns of California State Representatives Maxine Waters, and Barbara Lee, who like Jackson, have voted NO on all of the above pro-life bills. And as a side note, Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters, and Barbara Lee, according to Bonnie Chernin Rogoff, a contributor to, have all voted against the 2000 "Born Alive Infants Protection Act."

This, fellow Catholics is an act that was specifically designed to protect the lives of those infants who might be fortunate enough to have survived a failed abortion. In other words, these three politicians whom Mr. Cosby has aided in their elections with his financial support, are in favor of murdering babies AFTER they have been born alive (outside of the womb) in order to complete a botched abortion!

Now I ask you fellow Catholics, in what way is Father James Sichko "upholding the teaching of the Catholic Church," when in defiance of our Bishops he will once more provide a speaking platform to someone who opposes our fundamental moral principles, thereby, suggesting support for that person's actions?

Now it has perhaps been in response to the revelations made at 'AGAINST ALL HERESIES' concerning Mr. Philbin and Mr. Cosby, that Father James Sichko made the following bewildering comments on his August 14, 2005 edition of his, "Pastor's Notes," concerning the up and coming event:

"This is not about whether you like Bill Cosby or even the concept of "An evening among friends"; this is about supporting your church, lowering our debt, reaching out to others...and having a good time."

And indeed, this is not about whether one "likes" or "dislikes" Mr. Cosby, and it certainly is not about the "concept" of "An evening Among Friends," this, Father Sichko, is about the teaching of the Catholic Church! The teaching which you declared before a crowd of impressionable, young Catholics "we are called to uphold" but simultaneously seem to place beneath "lowering our debt," and "having a good time."

But be that as it may fellow Catholics, here we have a golden, God-given opportunity for Father James Sichko to put his faith where his mouth is! This is an opportunity for Father James Sichko to "align himself with the magisterium" by joining forces with loyal Catholics such as Bishop James McHugh of Rockville Centre, Long Island who, according to, "banned pro-abortion supporters from speaking at graduation ceremonies, celebrated lectures, and from sitting as honorary chairmen of events at fundraisers."

(emphasis added)

Yes, this is an opportunity for Father James Sichko to demonstrate that "our faith is not a cafeteria faith" by following the example of Father David M. O'Connell, president of Catholic University, who along with campus authority blocked an invitation to actor Stanley Tucci for his involvement with abortion rights organizations - such as the NAACP.

According to, The Catholic News Agency, "in a memo to faculty members Father O'Connell explained...Tucci who has lent his support to Planned Parenthood events, Carrie[s] moral baggage...[that] stands in direct contradiction to the values and principles upon which this institution was founded."

This, is an opportunity for Father James Sichko to fulfill his "calling" of "upholding the teaching of the Catholic Church" by following in the footsteps of Bishops Daniel Reilly of Worcester, Massachusetts, and James Timlin of Scranton, Pennsylvania who, according to, canceled scheduled events on the grounds that they "refused to share the stage with public pro-abortion advocates." In fact fellow Catholics, This is an opportunity for Father James Sichko to heed the call of our own Bishop Ronald W. Gainer who, in a January 18, 2004 statement on the occasion of the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, stated:

"...We need to remember our convictions and obligations as members of the Catholic Church. Our church is a pro-life church in word and in deed..."

(emphasis added).

And so fellow Catholics, the time for hollow, meaningless lip service is over! Father James Sichko MUST put a stop to this event, he MUST "uphold the teaching of the Catholic Church," and safeguard our fundamental moral principles, not only on the issue of abortion but also on the issues of fornication, and contraception which Mr. Cosby lies in direct contradiction to. Did you know that fellow Catholics? Well, read on because you are about to be provided with information that you will not get by flipping through the pages of the diocesan newspaper, which incidentally, has carried full-page ads promoting this scandalous event in its August 7 and August 21 issues.

Now, On October 11, 2004 while touring Virginia schools with pro-abortion Mayoral candidate, Douglas Wilder, Mr. Cosby, according to, The World Entertainment News Network, in an article entitled, "Cosby Urges Black Youth To Study And Use condoms," "...urged Virginia students to stay in school and stay away from unprotected sex." And while at George Wythe High School, Mr. Cosby "urged teenage girls to consider contraception."

(emphasis added)

In other words, Mr. Cosby will condone the gravely sinful act of fornication between teenagers, just as long as the equally sinful use of condoms, or artificial contraception is employed! Is this not a direct contradiction of the teaching Father James Sichko has unequivocally declared, "we are called to uphold?" In fact, let us here refer to the Catechism of the Catholic Church and see for ourselves what the Catholic Church teaches on these most perilous issues.

Paragraph 2353 of the Catechism states:

"Fornication is union between an unmarried man and an unmarried woman. It is gravely contrary to the dignity of persons and of human sexuality which is naturally ordered to the good of spouses and the generation and education of children. Moreover, it is a grave scandal when there is a corruption of the young."

(emphasis added)

And on the issue of contraception, paragraph 2370 of the Catechism States:

"Every action which, whether in anticipation of the conjugal act, or in its accomplishments, or in the development of its natural consequences, proposes, whether as an end or as a means, to render procreation impossible is intrinsically evil."

(emphasis added)

Can it get any plainer than that fellow Catholics?

Now, in complete fairness to Father Sichko, the Philbin fiasco could perhaps be overlooked due to a lack of thoroughly investigating Mr. Philbin beforehand. This time around however, there is NO excuse! 'AGAINST ALL HERESIES' has provided the facts well in advance.

And so, the ball is now in Father James Sichko's court! Will he, in service to Almighty God, hold true to his own words and "uphold the teaching of the catholic Church?" Or will he persist in granting a speaking platform to someone who associates himself with an organization who supports abortion and homosexual rights, someone who has publicly opposed our fundamental moral principles, and who financially supports politicians that will legislate and enact abortion laws? Politicians, fellow Catholics, that will consistently vote against legislative measures that could prevent the commission of this most unspeakable act:



It is in the interest of preserving the Lexington diocese from further scandal, safeguarding our fundamental moral principles, and "upholding the teaching of the Catholic Church," that we call upon Father James Sichko to put a stop to this event while he still has the time to do so.

God bless fellow Catholics.

Let us intensely pray to Our Lady of Guadalupe on behalf of Father James Sichko!

(For more information concerning this issue click on, The Lexington Diocese goes Hollywood link provided below)


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