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The Great Conspiracy.


By Efrain Cortes

"...Bishop Fresen...Speaking...

2 - 4 p.m. Sunday March 26
Quaker Meetinghouse 649 Price Avenue Lexington.

$10.00 Donation or whatever you can give...

On tour in the U.S., Bishop Fresen...studied theology in Rome and taught...seminarians in...native South Africa. [Bishop Fresen] was ordained a Priest and Bishop in 2003...[Bishop Fresen] is warm, engaging and articulate...[Bishop Fresen's] story will resonate with people of all faiths. Join us in giving [Bishop Fresen] a bluegrass community welcome...Bishop Fresen's talk will be followed by dinner and reception..."

Fellow Catholics, acting upon a tip, 'AGAINST ALL HERESIES' conducted a bit of research and came across the above-cited advertisement promoting a visit by Bishop Fresen to the Lexington diocese. Upon further research, 'AGAINST ALL HERESIES' also discovered that Bishop Fresen now resides in Germany and coordinates the "Program for Preparation for Priesthood" in Germany.

This occasion marks the first time since its founding that a Catholic Bishop from Germany has visited the Lexington diocese. And yet, this event seems to have been advertised, promoted, and arranged, for all intents and purposes, below the radar screen. After all, how many of us reading this at this very moment are learning about this ground-breaking event for the first time? Why has such a momentous event gone unmentioned? Why has this grand spectacle come and gone without so much as a heads-up to Lexington Catholics?

Well, in conducting its research on the event, 'AGAINST ALL HERESIES' may have discovered some of the reasons why Bishop Fresen's visit to the Lexington diocese has been shrouded in such mystery.

You see, Bishop Fresen fellow Catholics, according to an article by the Cincinnati Enquirer, "is one of three women in the world illegally ordained as Roman Catholic bishops" and the Program for Preparation for Priesthood which "Bishop" Fresen is responsible for coordinating is a program that, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer, has been put into place by Fresen’s heretical organization, "Roman Catholic Womenpriests.” The program, according to the article, has “120 women enrollees."

Could this be some of the reasons why "Bishop" Fresen's visit to the Lexington diocese has been cloaked in mystery?

But not to worry, let us sit back and relax, for the mystery surrounding this sacrilegious perversion of our Catholic faith is about to be completely and utterly unraveled!

Now, "Bishop" Fresen fellow Catholics, is in all actuality Patricia Fresen. A former Dominican nun who was illegally ordained in a private ceremony in Barcelona on August 7 2003 by two of the original "Danube Seven." The "Danube Seven," if you will recall, were the seven women who were illegally ordained on a boat on the Danube River in Australia in 2002 by Bishop Romulo Braschi (an Argentinean priest who broke with the Catholic Church in 1998). Consequently, The seven women were swiftly excommunicated by the Vatican and their ordinations declared to be invalid. This, fellow Catholics, is the warm, engaging and articulate "Bishop" Fresen spoken of in the above-cited advertisement.

But there is some good news in all of this fellow Catholics. You see, it appears that the usual dissident suspects in the Lexington diocese have been reluctant to participate in this most scandalous event. It appears that even the off-the-wall Newman Center with its "Distinguished Speakers Series" which has hosted such heretics as “Father” Donald Cozzens and “Sr.” Christine Vladimiroff, among many other Call to Action speakers, has passed on an opportunity to advance its not-so Catholic agenda.

And so the question is, if not the Newman Center, if not Pax Christi, if not the Cathedral of Christ the King, then who?? Who is the wolf in sheep’s clothing responsible for this sacrilegious mockery of our Catholic Faith?

Well fellow Catholics, the event in question, according to the above-cited advertisement, was sponsored by Call to Action member and member of the Board of Directors of the Women's Ordination Conference, Janice Sevre-Duszynska. Yes, it has been due to the efforts of Lexington's premiere heretic that "Bishop" Patricia Fresen of "Roman Catholic Womenpriests" was able to grace the Lexington diocese with her devilish presence and deliver a talk entitled, One Woman's Journey to the Priesthood.

Now, We may all be familiar with the name, Janice Sevre-Duszynska. Janice is a local heretic who has long led the diabolical charge for the ordination of Women in the Lexington diocese (among other heretical doctrines).

In 1998 Janice garnered national attention for herself when she interrupted Father Charles Howell's ordination at the Cathedral of Christ the King, presented herself to the former Bishop Williams, and asked to be ordained to the priesthood. Since that time, Janice has repeated similar antics in diocese's throughout the country. Janice, according to an April 2005 report by Heather MacWilliams of News Channel 36 (the local ABC affiliate), "Envisions a Catholic Church where women...are priests."

Should it come as any surprise then, that Lucifer - the Prince of Darkness would appoint a loyal servant the likes of Janice Sevre-Duszynska to aid in the release of his sin-filled smoke upon the Lexington diocese? After all, she and "Bishop" Patricia Fresen appear to be infected with the same treacherous venom.

In March of 2005, in a talk at the Southeast Pennsylvania Women's Ordination Conference "Bishop" Patricia, according to the "Roman Catholic womenpriests" website, stated:

"Our ordained women may be married or single..."

But it appears that Janice and "Bishop" Patricia are embroiled in a spirit of rebellion and disobedience. For it has been a constant, unbroken teaching of the Catholic Church that women cannot be ordained to the Catholic Priesthood and have never been - regardless of marital status.

Now, "Bishop" Patricia and her heretical organization, "Roman Catholic womenpriests," according to the organization's website, will argue that this well documented historical fact is nothing more than a "myth." For women priests, "according to literary evidence, existed during the fourth and fifth centuries."

And believe it or not, "Bishop" Patricia and her heretical organization are actually correct.

But the assertion made on their website is actually a half-truth meant to mislead the unlearned and poorly catechized Catholic. You see, what "Bishop" Patricia and her band of heretics omit on their website is the very important fact, that while the ordination of women did indeed exist in the fourth and fifth centuries, those ordinations, like today’s ordinations of the “Danube Seven” along with “Bishop” Patricia's ordination, took place outside of the Catholic Church and those women, like the “Danube Seven” and “Bishop” Patricia, were declared to be heretical and at odds with the message of the Holy Spirit by the church fathers of the time.

But rest assured fellow Catholics, this well-established historical fact will not go unnoted here. Let’s have a look at some of the earliest condemnations regarding this most wicked doctrine:

"Certain Women there in Arabia [the Collyridians]...In an unlawful and blasphemous ceremony...ordain women, through whom they offer up the sacrifice in the name of Mary. This means that the entire ceremony is godless and sacrilegious, a perversion of the message of the Holy Spirit; in fact, the whole thing is diabolical and a teaching of the impure spirit."
(Epiphanius of Salamis, Against Heresies 78:13, A.D. 377).

And in the fifth century we find the great St. Augustine condemning this foul doctrine that has bewitched "Bishop" Patricia and her cohort Janice Sevre-Duszynska:

"The Quintillians are heretics who give women predominance so that these, too, can be honored with the priesthood among them."
(Augustine, Heresies, A.D. 428).

(emphasis added).

But long before Augustine and Epiphanius of Salamis we find St. Hyppolytus in the third century laying it on the Catholic doctrinal line:

"When a widow is to be appointed, she is not to be ordained, but is designated by being named [a widow]...A widow is appointed by words alone, and is then associated with the other widows. Hands are not imposed on her, because she does not offer the oblation and she does not conduct the liturgy. Ordination is for the clergy...but a widow is appointed for prayer, and prayer is the duty of all."
(The Apostolic Tradition, 11. A.D. 215).

(emphasis added).

You see, The teaching of the Catholic Church, whether or not it is to the liking of "Bishop" Patricia Fresen or Janice Sevre-Duszynska, has never allowed for a woman to "offer the oblation" or "conduct the liturgy." But yet, in complete defiance of this most ancient teaching, 'AGAINST ALL HERESIES' has come across certain instances wherein "Bishop" Patricia and our own Janice Sevre-Duszynska have done just that.

Let us first begin with "Bishop" Patricia Fresen who at her talk, in March of 2005 at the Southeast Pennsylvania Women's Ordination Conference, explained in detail how she and her heretical organization conduct the liturgy and offer the oblation:

"We have a different model of celebrating Eucharist...We sit in a circle...The [women "Bishops"] and [women "Priests"] sit among the others, not up front in special chairs. The table is in the center. Everyone present is invited to wear one of our silk stoles as a sign of the priesthood of the baptized...Someone says the prayer of the day...Someone gives the homily or more often, it is shared in some way...The Eucharistic prayer is often prayed by everyone present, either all together or with different people reading different sections. The words of institution are said by all present."

This is the insanity "Bishop" Patricia Fresen has brought to the Lexington diocese. And yet, within some crevasse of "Bishop" Patricia's convoluted thought pattern there seems to remain some shred, however small, of what appears to be, reality. For deep down within her, she knows, she understands that she has no authority to conduct the liturgy or offer the oblation. Deep down she recognizes that her "priesthood" is invalid and nothing more than a total sham!

You see, at this very talk "Bishop" Patricia stated:

"It is a pity that the official Roman Catholic Church clings largely to the values and the world view of many centuries ago..."

(emphasis added).

You see fellow Catholics, to proclaim that there is an official Roman Catholic Church is to imply that one belongs to something other than that official Roman Catholic Church. It is to acknowledge that there is one Roman Catholic Church where law is established, where dogma is proclaimed, and where doctrinal limitations are set and obeyed! It is to admit that a "priesthood" unrecognized by that official Roman Catholic Church, is a priesthood that is borne in disobedience and rebellion. It is to acknowledge that this "priesthood" is indeed invalid and nothing more than a complete sham!

It must further be pointed out that in complete contradiction to "Bishop" Patricia's and her heretical organization's claim that, the Church's opposition regarding this perverse doctrine is nothing more than a "myth," she appears to substantiate the historical existence of this opposition when she states:

"...The official Roman Catholic Church clings largely to the values and the world view of many centuries ago..."

(emphasis added).

But not to be outdone fellow Catholics, at the "Women's Ordination Conference" website we can find a liturgy conducted, in part, by our own Janice Sevre-Duszynska. Let us have a look at a few sacrilegious "lowlights:"

Preparations before the Liturgy:

To participate in this liturgy, we ask that you wear a purple stole…and have a tambourine, drum or other musical instrument at hand..."


Welcome all. We gather here today, on the feast day of Mary whose "Yes" we honor today. We gather here today as "Good Catholic Girls [to] Stand Up for Women's Ordination… Before we begin, we ask that each woman in the Holy Circle give her name and share about herself...

Litany of women:

For the women in the Catacomb of St. Priscilla in Rome, who celebrated the Eucharist…

For the women priests whose names are found in funeral inscriptions but whose legacies have been denied…

For Mary, foremother of ordained women, and for the women bishops who trace their succession through her…

Wisdom Sophia: We have named the women who have gone before us in the tradition of women's leadership in our faith. In our naming them, we have freed them and ourselves by bringing into your Light their diverse ministries.

At the close of this wicked ceremony, which invokes "Wisdom Sophia" (an ancient pagan Goddess), Janice is thanked for putting together the "liturgy" and is referred to as a “womanpriest.”

Now, in Janice's "liturgy," if you will notice, the Blessed Virgin Mary is referred to as, "foremother of ordained women." And it is claimed that "women bishops...trace their succession through her..." This, is a blatant contradiction of the teaching of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the faith, which in its 1976 document, Inter Insigniores (approved by Pope Paul VI), states:

"Even his mother [Mary] who was so closely associated with the mystery of her son...was not invested with the apostolic ministry."

We find this same teaching imparted upon Holy Mother Church through the wisdom of Pope Innocent III in the beginning of the thirteenth century when, according to Inter Insigniores, he stated:

"Although the Blessed Virgin Mary surpassed in dignity and in excellence all of the apostles, nevertheless it was not to her but to them that the Lord entrusted the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven."

And in our own day we find Pope John Paul II - The Great, reiterating this teaching when he stated the following in his Apostolic Letter, ORDINATIO SACERDOTALIS:

"...The fact that the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God and Mother of the Church, received neither the mission proper to the Apostles nor the ministerial priesthood clearly shows that the non-admission of women to priestly ordination cannot mean that women are of lesser dignity..."

(emphasis added).

Do we see the levels of deception upon which this venomous doctrine has been founded fellow Catholics? But yet, in spite of all the unraveling that has thus far been done, there is a darker much more sinister place that is left for us to reach. And so, if we are prepared to reach our final destination, then let us tightly hold on to our seats, because this bumpy roller coaster ride fellow Catholics, is about to get a bit wicked.

Now, in his Apostolic letter, ORDINATIO SACERDOTALIS, Pope John Paul II took it one step further when he stated:

"I declare that the Church has no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women and that this judgment is to be definitively held by all the Church's faithful."

Now, not only is this an infallible statement by the late Pope John Paul II but it is also a mind-blowing one. The Church of All Mighty God is powerless in bestowing priestly ordination upon the female sex.

Now, let us attempt to put this into a little perspective.

The World Book Dictionary defines the word powerless as one who is helpless. But how can this be fellow Catholics? How can a Church that claims to have been empowered by the Lord Jesus Christ himself in matters pertaining to the faith, could at the same time proclaim to be helpless on a matter pertaining to the faith for which Christ has empowered it? Well, before it gets wicked, let's have some fun fellow Catholics:

You see, priestly ordination, in spite of popular consensus, is not to be understood as a mere human "right" to be possessed or attained as Janice and "Bishop" Patricia would have you and I believe. Priestly ordination is infinitely much more than this.

Priestly ordination must be understood to be a holy sacrament instituted by Christ in order that Christ (not "Bishop" Patricia Fresen), through that sacrament, could bring about a desired effect. Now, in order for Christ to bring about that desired effect through the sacrament of priestly ordination (as with all of the sacraments), the substance by which Christ instituted that particular sacrament must remain intact.

This is precisely what Pope Pius XII taught in his Apostolic Constitution, SACRAMENTUM ORDINIS, when he stated:

"The Church has no power over the substance of the sacraments, that is to say, over what Christ the Lord...determined should be maintained in the sacramental sign."

In other words, while the Church does have power in determining the administration or proper modifications of a sacrament, it does not however have power over the substance of that sacrament. For this is a formula predetermined by Christ. This, according to Inter Insigniores, had long been the teaching of the Council of Trent which declared:

"In the Church there has always existed this power, that in the administration of the sacraments, provided that their substance remains unaltered, she can lay down or modify what she considers more fitting..."

(empasis added).

And so, if a priest, acting in the person of Christ, were to recite the words of institution over the substance of crackers and orange juice, the priest would fail to bring about the desired effect for which Christ instituted the sacrament. Namely, to convert bread and wine into his body, blood, soul, and divinity because the substance, bread and wine, predetermined by Christ has not been maintained. As Pope Pius XII teaches in his Apostolic Constitution.

In the same manner, if a Bishop, acting in the person of Christ, were to impose hands and recite the words required for the sacrament of priestly ordination over a member of the female sex, the Bishop would fail to bring about the desired effect for which Christ instituted the sacrament. Namely, to consecrate a vessel through which Christ is able to bless, transubstantiate, and sanctify, because the substance, a baptized man, predetermined by Christ has not been maintained.

And indeed, this is precisely what is taught in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Citing canon 1024 of the Code of Canon Law, paragraph 1577 of the Catechism states:

"Only a baptized man validly receives sacred ordination."

(emphasis added).

And this is that place fellow Catholics, this is our final destination, this, is where it gets wicked.

You see, it is this very canon 1024 which "Bishop" Fresen and "Roman Catholic Womenpriests" are determined to change. In the organization's written constitution, it states:

"RC Womenpriests asks for a change in Can. 1024 CIC, viz., that the word ["man"] be changed to the word "person. " Thus it would be possible for women to assume leadership in ministry as womendeacons, womenpriests and womenbishops.”

Do you see the subtle hand of Satan fellow Catholics? After all, what possible harm could there be in the exchange of one word for another?

But you see, to exchange the word “man” for the word “person,” thus allowing for the ordination of women, would be to alter the very substance that has been predetermined by Christ in the sacrament of priestly ordination. Again, without a baptized man, the formula which MUST be had for Christ to bring about HIS desired effect, would essentially, be broken!

This would effectively amount to depriving the Church of the Lord's blessings upon us, the Lord's transubstantiation for us, and the Lord's sanctification within us. Without a valid priesthood fellow Catholics, the Roman Catholic Church as we know it, would come crumbling down upon St. Peter's tomb! That, is what this is really all about. Or Did you dare think for one moment that the Devil, the great villain who rejoices at the site of your aborted babies in the trash, gives one hoot about your "dignity" or your "equality?" Well, think again Janice, think again "Bishop" Patricia. For Satan - the Great Deceiver has deceitfully pulled the wool, over your eyes.

Take a good look around at our final destination fellow Catholics. Set your eyes upon the desolation. Behold the ruins that lay before us. Now tell me, do you recognize this wicked place?

God bless fellow Catholics. And pray fervently for the women that have fallen victim to this great deception.


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